Making a great presentation for World Vision staff

A workshop was conducted for marketing department staff of World Vision on “Making a Great presentation” on 3 Feb 2012.

Enjoy the pix

Making a great presentation
Making a great presentation
What's she doing to my nose?
What's she doing to my nose?

Some feedback:

“Thanks for your generosity to share your skills. Well done in presenting the topic in a very engaging manner. We should have more practices in the next workshop.” – E

“Hi Pin Lay, yours is truly a powerful presentation with many touchpoints to engage us the audience. The main takeaway is definitely the concept of the Yong Tau Foo team© – this is my first time learning about it and it differentiates your presentation from other presentations of the same subject. Thank you.” – D

“Dear Pin Lay, thank you so much for an awesome session. Really appreciate your time and effort in not just advocating for us but also training us! The session is definitely very engaging and useful and provides many practical points that we can use to share the word about World Vision. God bless you” – S

“Informative and entertaining. Can you also show us the software part of presentation?”

“Very fun and engaging session. Interactive, lots of laughs. Also thought provoking – helping me realise that I have to think about the different personality types in the audience and how to connect with each of them. Thanks for this most useful and entertaining training.” – M

“Authentic. Unique workshop that brings about the essential part of presentation for concise and impactful two hours. You do what you preach. Thank you for adding to our lives.” – N

“Engaging and fun. Clearly points out the key areas of presentation skills.”

“Fun.Personable.Learnt about useful presentation skills. Light-hearted. Perhaps could speaker slower. Thank you for offering your time and skills to us. God bless!”

“Thanks Pin Lay for taking time to do this presentation skills for us. Learnt a few pointers and hope to remember to practise them during pre-trip briefings. God bless” – SH

“Hi Pin Lay! Thanks for taking time to share your knowledge about public speaking. It was an enjoyable time.”

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